Neighborhood Advocacy and BBall Court

This walk focused on 23rd Street and 22nd Street.

We talked with woman on her porch who is wanting to get the house next to her worked on because it has not been lived in for a while and rodents are coming over from it into her house.  She contacted the city but hasn’t had it taken care of.  We suggested she come to the civic league meeting on Thursday.

Talked with the director of the home for teenagers near the church and made further connections there.

Talked with a few teenagers about what they’d like to see in the community.  The young man suggested something to do with sports.  This is a consistent message from younger teens requesting basketball court or something like that.

Some of Our Neighbors

We talked with the home diagonally across the street from the church which is for teens.  They put out food and clothing on our food distribution days for people to sort through and talk about the mental health services that they offer.

One man told us that Mt. Tabor had helped with getting recycling bins.  The residents in Church Hill now have recycling bins.

One man comes to food distribution.  He talked about the church somehow addressing violence in the neighborhood but that it was difficult to know how to.

We visited with someone renovating a house and got their cards.

We saw a man who we had seen before who cleans up his whole block’s front lawn.

Church Hill History and Job Training

This walk was on 23rd Street, 24th Street, and 25th Street.

We talked with an older gentleman who had been in Church Hill a long time.  He said that a couple of the streets had been named after local people who had lived up here.  He also talked about how there had been white people in the neighborhood back in the day as well.

A young man, 24 years old talked about job training and opportunities for young people.  He was around a bunch of young guys in the neighborhood.  He has a job.

Went to visit a house where the owner is talking about renovation to rent to VCU students.  He said they are coming into this area.